PHOINIKAS H1 Stereo Gaming Headset,for PC,PS4,Xbox One, Mac, iPad Blue

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مدل کالا: PHOINIKAS H1 Stereo Gaming
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            PHOINIKAS H1 Stereo Gaming Headset,for PC,PS4,

                             Xbox One, Mac, iPad Blue


  • [Wide Adaptability]:The headphone is suitable for all kinds of game platforms, with more excellent sound and more comfortable on all game platforms. These include: smartphones, computers, laptop/notebook, xbox one, PS4, laptop, nintendo switch, etc.
  • [Professional Headphones]:The PHOINIKAS headset, composed of 120 degree rotating Noise-Cancelling microphone, Soft memory protein earmuff and Adjustable headband, can be worn for a long time to maximize the comfort of the experience.In addition, a simple way to install, just plug the 3.5mm plug into the host.
  • [Bass Stereo Effect]:The bass stereo surround design of the headset better ADAPTS to the audio drive, immersive experience, enhance the game experience, enjoy the fun brought by the game, and appreciate the high quality of the headset.
  • [Suitable For The Crowd]:PHOINIKAS 'headphones can be used by a wide variety of people, including game lovers, music listeners, TV fans, etc., while the unisex, comfortable design can also be used as kid headphones.
  • [PHOINIKAS Quality] :PHOINIKAS is dedicated to creating high-quality headphones, affordable and high-end products, product quality problems please contact the seller, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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